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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 2, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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her. come on. it's time to jumpstart your january. >> i'd do what she says. >> and we're revving your entire life into top speed this month. jumpstarting your style, your love life, your wallet. and dropping thousands of pounds. right now, we're all in this together. let's get it started, right now, on "gma." >> go on. jump in. >> let's get jumping. and happy new year, everyone. good morning to robin. up and over that 100-day mark in her recovery. what a milestone it is. what a new year's day it was in washington. the first time congress had to vote on new year's day since the korean war. with no time to spare, they were able to pass a deal that would protect most americans from an income tax increase. and so far, financial markets like what they see. >> talk about going down to the
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wire. all right. also, what was this young couple doing with deadly homemade weapons? explosives used and manuals in making bombs and booby traps. all reportedly found in their apartment by police. it's a very bizarre case. >> very strange one. >> indeed. if you are looking for sam this morning, well, you won't find him because he's on his honeymoon. there he is. sam and rubem celebrating their second wedding in miami. and the happy couple with their delighted moms. we want to wish them all the happiness in the world. we miss you, sammie. come back soon. >> rest assured, they're not watching this morning. happy honeymoon. let's get to the latest on that fiscal deal that almost wasn't. all kinds of drama right up to the new year's deadline. and abc's jon karl on how it all came together. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george.
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it was a dramatic end. to a bitter, high-stakes debate. and late last night, it looked like it could fall apart. was speaker of the house john boehner, pushed ahead anyway. it went right down to the wire. but at long last, they finally did it. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: just minutes before the stroke of midnight, the president welcomed the news. >> this law is just one step in the broader effort to strengthen our economy and broaden opportunity for everybody. >> reporter: but the bill almost went down in the face of heated objections from many house republicans. >> there's no spending cuts. we're adding $4 billion a day to the debt. >> what we're really doing is raising taxes to give the president more money to spend. we think that's a bad idea. >> reporter: even eric cantor, the second-highest ranking republican in the house, was opposed to the deal struck by his colleagues in the senate. >> i do not support the bill. >> reporter: but others said, like it or not, the bill was the
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only way to prevent a big tax increase for virtually every american worker. >> republicans and the american people are getting something really important, permanent tax relief. >> reporter: the bill will prevent an income tax relief on workers earning under $400,000 a year. it also will extend unemploym t unemployments for people looking for work. but the bill leaves a lot left to do. in two months, the government will hit the limit of how much money it can borrow, unless congress raises the so-called debt ceiling. an automatic, across-the-board spending cuts to the pentagon and other agencies, are only to be delayed for two months, setting up yet another fiscal cliff on march 1st. congress has adjourned. the president is off to hawaii to meet up with his family. and hopefully, he thinks for a few days' vacation. >> you mentioned the breathing
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for feelings got raw at the last minute. >> reporter: it got really nasty. in a story first reported by politico on friday when the congressional leaders met here at the white house, speaker of the house john boehner told the democratic leader, harry reid, off, using language i can't use here on "good morning america." >> you can't even paraphrase. let's get a closer look at what the deal means to you at home. lots of paycheck changes right now. and bianna golodryga is at the smart screen to break it down. about 99% of americans protected from an income tax increase. but most workers will take a hit. >> taking a hit from payroll taxes going up. this affects everyone making $110,000 or less. so, this year, anyone making $110,000 will be paying an extra $2,200 in taxes. people making $50,000 will pay an extra $1,000. and someone making $20,000 a year will be paying more $400 a year.
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>> but most of the burden falling on the top 1%. >> let's take a look. your typical hollywood movie star may be taking over $20 million in year. they'll be paying $1 million in income taxes. we're talking about a lot of money. we heard jay-z and beyonce earned close to $80 million last year. they're going to pay an additional $4 million in income taxes. close to 5% increase in income taxes. >> one of the surprises. this deal is going to increase the deficit over the next ten years. but financial markets like what they see. >> that's right. markets like stability. they wanted some sort of resolve. that's why we saw the markets rally on monday, assuming we were going to have a deal. and overnight, they liked the news. big rally expected on wall street. we have the fiscal cliff coming up in a couple of weeks. it's not over yet. >> another one is coming on the debt limit. okay, bianna, thanks very much. >> let's hope it's not a wild ride. now, we turn to hillary clinton's health scare. the secretary of state has been in a hospital here in new york since sunday, when doctors discovered a blood clot near her brain.
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we're going to talk to dr. richard besser about her condition in a moment. but sharyn alfonsi is here with the latest on secretary clinton's condition. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, clinton is being monitored closely and being given blood thinners to break up that clot. her family rallying at her bedside, as the normally globetrotting secretary is grounded, preparing to spend a fourth day in the hospital. the former president and chelsea clinton leaving the hospital where the secretary is being treated this morning. the secret service stationed outside. chelsea tweeting, thank you all for sending good thoughts my mom's way. grateful to all her doctors. and that she'll make a full recovery. >> reporter: it's been three weeks since the secretary of state was last seen in public. during an overseas tour where she picked up a bad stomach virus. days later, she fainted and got that nasty concussion. an mri later revealing she had a blood clot.
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her doctors saying the scan revealed a clot in the vein that's situated in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear. the secretary did not suffer neurologic damage. but it's a setback. she's the most-traveled secretary of state ever. visiting 112 countries. logging nearly 1 million miles and spending the equivalent of an entire year of her life on a plane. clinton telling barbara walters, the schedule has taken its toll. >> you're leaving at the height of your career. why are you leaving? >> i've been, as you know, at the highest levels of american and now international activities for 20 years. and i just thought it was time to take a step off. i wanted to take some time. and just really collect myself. >> are you exhausted? >> i am. to be honest, i am. because when i do something, i really want to do it. i want to do it to the best of my abilities. >> reporter: and the secretary is reportedly in good spirits. engaging with her doctors and
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her husband, former president bill clinton, who has been at her side. it is unclear when she will be able to return at the state department before the new secretary of state is sworn in. elizabeth? >> sharyn, thanks so much. let's turn to dr. richard besser. rich, we talked about this on monday morning, about this blood clot. we weren't really clear what this was. the news has not been good. it's much more serious than what we thought. >> yes, this can be very dangerous. it's called a transverse sinus thrombosis. the two big concerns -- if the clot breaks off, it can go to her heart and her lungs and be fatal. if it gets bigger, it can go to the top of the head, increasing the pressure on her skull. that can cause stroke and be deadly. >> they have been very clear to point out she did not suffer any kind of a stroke. when is she out of the woods for this?
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she's been in the hospital now for several days. being treated with blood thinners. at what point is the all-clear given? >> it wasn't picked up due to neurologic findings. it was a follow-up mri. when she's out of the woods is when her blood is thin. it's been anti-coagulated. they're able to see on the scans that the clot is starting to get smaller. those are the things they're watching for. two things you have to be careful about with blood thinners. if they don't make her blood thin enough, the clot can break off. or it can get bigger. if they make it too thin, she can bleed into her head or elsewhere in hee body. that can be severe. >> in the meantime, because she is a front-runner, potentially, for the democratic presidential nomination in 2016, a lot of people are watching this closely. what kind of long-term ramifications are there for her health and general well-being? >> well, really, the long-term consequences could be nothing. if they can control this, the clot would go away. she'll be on blood thinners for a period of time. but she'll be able to go back to regular activities.
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>> did this come because of the concussion? the fall? >> that's not the conclusion. well, that's still unanswered. we're going to hear more about that. let's check back in with josh for a look at the morning headlines. hey, josh. >> good morning, elizabeth. we're going to begin with a poignant day for the survivors of the sandy hook school shooting in connecticut. preparing now to return to classes for the first time since the tragedy. classes actually resume tomorrow. but today, families will get a first look at the new location. the previous chalk hill middle school in nearby monroe, just a few miles from newtown. a meticulously renovated school the students will now attend. and abc's amy robach is in monroe this morning, to show us. good morning to you, amy. >> reporter: josh, good morning to you. we're just down the street from chalk hill school. and we understand some families here, in an effort to show support to the students from sandy hook who will be returning
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to school tomorrow morning, they have lined the streets, the bus route, with green ribbons, to make them feel the support of this community, as they head back into the halls of a classroom. we also know there's a new sign up on chalk hill middle school that now reads sandy hook elementary school. as students go to class tomorrow, many of them will see a familiar face. their former principal, donna page, who retired back in 2010, will be greeting them at the door. school officials and teachers have been getting those classrooms ready and really focusing on every, last detail. making sure backpacks and desks, even the placement of crayons, is exactly as the students left them on that day back on december 14th. so they feel some sense of familiarity in their surroundings. we also know from the school superintendent, there will be counselors on-hand. the focus will be academics. they want to get students back to learning, teachers back to teaching. they want to make sure everyone feels comfortable. and i think one of the most important thing we heard yesterday from a town official, josh, he said to abc news, this will be the safest school in america. josh? >> that is very good news. we wish them all the very best.
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thank you for that, amy. meanwhile, a connecticut lawyer suing the state for $100 million in the wake of those shootings has now dropped the case. the attorney representing a 6-year-old survivor had claimed that the state didn't do enough to protect students. and new legal action in the wake of the jerry sandusky sexual abuse scandal at penn state. today, pennsylvania's governor is expected to sue the ncaa over the $60 million that it fined the school. that money is being used for a national child abuse awareness campaign. lawmakers not happy that taxpayer money is being spent in other states. and rough weather keeping the coast guard from getting to an oil rig that ran aground off of alaska. the rig owned by shell broke away from a tow ship during a powerful storm monday night. the crew was evacuated safely. but the rig is carrying roughly 150,000 gallons of diesel fuel. so far, there's no sign of a spill. and a rogue wave is being
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blamed for pulling a man out to sea off northern california. he was trying to save his dog in the 20-foot waves. and finally, video going viral this morning. it shows you that you can be a hero and maybe look good doing it. a boat in new zealand, engulfed in flames. they needed a massive amount of water to put out that fire. look what the driver of a nearby speedboat did, making that turn four times before finally extinguishing the fire. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> wow. he got so close. >> yeah. >> that is really a great thing. >> great stuff. great stuff. >> josh, thank you so much. >> you bet. now, we go to that startling arrest of a young, manhattan couple for alleged possession of weapons and explosives popular with terrorists. she was nine months pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl in custody. abc's john muller has more on the strange story. >> reporter: she is from a prominent family on new york's ritzy upper east side. he is a harvard graduate.
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but this morning, police are investigating why 31-year-old aaron green and his girlfriend, 27-year-old morgan, had an arsenal of weapons, capable of massive destruction in their greenwich village apartment. >> they had a terrorists encyclopedia. they had improvised and modified firearms. deadly homemade weapons. a do-it-yourself sub machine gun. >> reporter: police had been investigating him for credit card fraud when they received a tip from a couple they invited into their apartment. when police went to investigate, a shocking discovery. seven grams of a chemical called hmtd, a powerful explosive used in bombmaking. so unstable and dangerous, the entire building had to be evacuated saturday. police also seized a flare launcher, a sawed-off shotgun with dozens of shells, nine rifle magazines and various how-to manuals on building bombs and booby traps.
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>> my best professional guess is that, they are just two very drug-addicted, delusional people that got into this sort of way of thinking of, it's sort of us against the world. >> reporter: so far, potential targets or a motive have not been determined. and police say the couple have no known links to any terrorist organizations. >> now, we spoke to aaron green's lawyer. he has enter a plea of not guilty. is expected in court again on friday. morgan has yet to be arraigned because she's in the hospital after having a baby girl while in custody. we have been unable to reach anyone for comment on this. police say the couple admits to being heroin users. a lot of questions here. returning to josh. much happier story. you brought this one back from the rose parade. >> this one got us all. even if you saw it coming. a soldier home from afghanistan, brought yesterday's parade to a halt with a surprise reunion that had the crowd standing as one and cheering. and his young, little guy,
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smiling from ear-to-ear. it was the reunion that warmed the hearts of millions during this year's rose parade. a secret kept from just two people, miriam and her little boy, 4-year-old eric. she thought they had won a trip to california and tickets to the parade. but they were about to get something far more precious. >> what did you have to do to win? >> my husband just entered his name, i guess. i just got a call letting me know that we won. >> he is a soldier stationed in afghanistan? >> yes, he's in afghanistan right now. >> reporter: that's what she thought. meanwhile, her husband, army sergeant eric pazz, was hidden on this float. that's when it happened. little eric recognizing his dad. and no one's arms could hold him. the crowd stood as one to watch, as pazz hugged his family,
7:17 am
sweeping up his son and handing his wife a rose. >> it was a really great experience. i think the first thing i thought, oh, my lord, i hope she's not going to slap me for lying to her. and seeing our son's face, how he reacted. you know, i was really caught up in the moment. >> reporter: a warm embrace. a precious memory. the ultimate new year's day surprise for a family reunited after seven long months apart. i can tell you, abc, we were in on it. and keeping the secret from her was quite a challenge, i must admit. and it does, again, allow us all to thank, not just the servicemen and women who are sacrificing so much for us. but military families, as well. especially this time of year. >> it was great to watch. >> that little boy's smile's not going anywhere. >> no way. let's get the weather. ginger zee in for sam, on his honeymoon. >> yes, it was a little cool at the rose parade. good morning, everybody. let's start with what was not cool. that was last year.
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at least 40 cities, now, chicago, houston, new york city, just a few that are reporting in, as their hottest on record. that's right. 2012, still coming down on the record books. we expect noaa to say the whole united states will be. but that's not official yet. this morning, not so hot. 20 bismarck. look at chicago, 6. new york city, the coldest air of the season. feels like it's 17. there will be lake-effect snow in the next couple days. up to six inches in upstate new york.
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>> i'll have more on that cool california, coming up. >> good. also coming up, a young woman accused of the vicious murder of her boyfriend, stabbed 27 times. why she says no jury will convict her. dan and nancy here live to weigh in. and espn's hannah storm revealing the terrifying moment she realized she was on fire. the explosion that left her with second-degree burns. and how her daughter saved her. >> stunning story. and let's jumpstart your
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january. weight loss inspirations, straight ahead. shall we? weight loss inspirations, straight ahead. january. weight loss inspirations, straight ahead.
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good morning. some parts of the bay area waking up it freezing cold temperatures this morning. frost covers parked cars and truck marin and sonoma
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counties. mike nico here with the forecast. causing traffic problems with water gushing out is. relarry beirepair crews need tp newly repaired road. water service in the area unaffected. what is going on on the roadways? >> mine nor delays there. a problem in the oakland area southbound 880. the red line just jammed at an earlier multicar accident past fruitville. just been cleared but traffic now backed to 980. and a couple of capital corridor and ace delays for you
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get you u up to date on what is going on. spare the air today and most likely tomorrow. don't burn the wood. until 9:00 keep everything
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♪ all that jumping going on. we're jumpstarting january, right here in times square. we're getting a whole bunch of people in shape this morning. all kinds of ideas how to kick-start your weight loss for 2013. make good on all the new year's resolutions. a lot of people getting a good start right now. and january in times square. >> that song by jennifer lopez makes me want to get up. maybe not to get up like what people have done. also coming up in this half hour, a real special story. espn's hannah storm, revealing a terrifying moment she faced a
7:30 am
wall of fire. it was a terrifying explosion that left her with second-degree burns. but she is an incredible woman. she is back on the air. and talks about how her daughter may have saved her life. and we're so happy she's doing better. josh, you were out with her. >> it was, as strong as they come, that one. >> and you're close pals from your days at espn. >> it was great to see her again. and great to work with her. >> so glad she's okay. also, kim kardashian, and kanyes we, you may have heard -- >> no, what? >> she is having a baby. and she's speaking out for the first time about how she feels about said baby with kanye, of said daddy. >> can't wait for that. psy, on new year's eve. did you see this. performing "gangnam style"? maybe it's the last time you'll see it. it is retired. we may have the next sensation
7:31 am
already going viral. your "play of the day" coming up. >> thank you so much, josh. let's get to the trial of an arizona woman who has been charged with brutally killing her boyfriend after he tried to break up with her. she stabbed him, get this, 27 times allegedly. and shot him, as well, allegedly. and jodi arias could now be facing the death penalty. dan and nancy are waiting to weigh in. but here's ryan owens with the background. ♪ oh, holy night >> reporter: that attractive woman singing christmas carols behind bars could soon be on death row. prosecutors will argue that 32-year-old jodi arias, should die for the one-time murder of her one-time boyfriend, travis alexander. she may sound soft-spoken. but police say she stabbed alexander 27 times, slit his throat, and shot him in the head
7:32 am
at his arizona home, in 2008. arias has pled not guilty. the two met at a work conference six years ago. jodi says they fell in love, traveled the country together. and to strengthen her ties to the devout mormon, she even converted. but travis' friends say, after dating a few months, she tried to break it off. and told them this. >> there is nothing about her that i see as marriage material or wife material. but it's hard to say no to a woman that sneaks into your house, crawls in your bed and tries to, you know, seduce you. >> reporter: travis' family and friends say jodi was stalking him in the months before the murder, something she denies. but at first, she denied being at his house at the night before the murder. then, police found a camera in travis' washing machine. it had pictures of the two having sex. and pictures of travis after she was killed. faced with that, jodi told the show, "inside edition," she was
7:33 am
there, but didn't do it. >> i witnessed travis being attacked by two other individuals. >> who? >> i don't know who they were. i couldn't pick them out in a police lineup. >> reporter: now, the accused killer is singing a new tune. ♪ of hope >> reporter: she admits she did kill him, but in self-defense. she claims he was sexually and physically abusive throughout their relationship. >> it makes me sick because i know her true side. and i ask people to please not buy into this sweet, innocent, you know, personality that she puts on. >> no jury is going to convict me. >> why not? >> because i'm innocent. and you can mark my words on that one. no jury will convict me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. for more, we're joined by "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. and nancy grace will cover the trial tonight on her hln show. it looks tough. three different stories from jodi ha
7:34 am
jodi arias. she wasn't there. she was there, but other people did it. she did it but it was self-defense. >> when a witness begins to change their story, that's the kiss of death, pardon the pun. and another problem for her at trial, is she may want to insist on taking the stand against her attorney's advice. remember, you're talking about the winner of "american idol" behind bars. and that may be the shot you're showing right now. >> it is. >> she loves the limelight. and all this business about them being broken up. they weren't broken up. they were having sex right before the murder. and with her changing stories, she also said she killed him in self-defense. that's three different stories she told police. >> how do you begin to defend her? >> i think in the end, the self-defense claim is an effort to get second-degree murder. i think they know they're in big trouble here. she is now, by arguing self-defense, effectively admitting that she did this, right? she's not saying, i wasn't
7:35 am
there. she's not saying there were intruders. she is saying, i did it. i think this is an effort by her to say, you're not going to be able to prove premeditation. it happened in the heat of passion. we had a stormy relationship. and there's a big difference between second-degree murder and first-degree murder. >> they don't need premeditation. they also charged her with felony murder, which simply means the death occurs during the commission of a felony. here, they're saying the felony is burglary. which means you enter a structure with the intent to commit a crime. she went into the home with a gun. listen -- he was shot. he was stabbed. he was beaten. boom. >> but those are two different legal theories that are requiring the same idea, which is she went in there with the intent to do something. and they're going to argue, with this second-degree murder, i think, that she didn't go in there with the intent to commit
7:36 am
any kind of crime. >> she went in with a gun. i heard a lot about crazy sex. but when you introduce a gun into the scenario, that's little too crazy, even for a jury. >> do you think the prosecution's overreaching by going for the first-degree? >> i think the prosecutors are overreaching going for the death penalty. that may be funny to you. but that's not funny to me. >> -- took pictures of him dead in the shower. >> okay? there's no question -- this is a legal matter. one question -- there's no question it is a legal matter. they can pursue the death penalty. they have theory here, which is not out of bounds about why the death penalty applies. the death penalty should be the worst of the worst. this is a domestic violence case. she ought to be charged with murder. she ought not to be charged with the death penalty. >> because that was her boyfriend, that makes it less
7:37 am
valuable? she stabbed him 27 times. and she took pictures of him, dead, naked, in the shower. she took her own crime scene photos, for pete sake. there was blood all the way down the stairwell. >> that's why she is charged with murder. >> this is a classic, death penalty case. >> you're passionate over this. hold on. does she take the stand or not? >> i think she's going to argue self-defense, she has to take the stand. but i can't see how she does. i think, if they're serious about a self-defense claim, she's going to have to take the stand. >> we'll have you both back on this. nancy covers it tonight. time for the weather. ginger z ginger zee, in for sam. >> it is the coldest morning, from chicago, to boston. you can see steam coming up from the buildings. temperature right now is 18, windchill 7. it has been bitter cold. and it will be for some time.
7:38 am
we have a january thaw. high pressure comes in. and rotates and pumps up a little warmer weather, late this week, through the weekend, and early next week. the only places getting a lot of storms would be >> this weather report is brought to you by allied bank. and some of the wind speeds, 40 miles per hour. the terrifying moment, hannah storm faced a wall of fire. and we're taking over times
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talk to your doctor about cymbalta. depression hurts. cymbalta can help. we're back, now, at 7:43, with the very latest on that terrifying accident for espn's hannah storm. she faced a wall of fire from her backyard grill. and a terrifying accident that left her with second-degree and
7:43 am
third-degree burns. she made a remarkable recovery. and appeared on the air with me yesterday morning. take a look. it was a cold, wintry december night. and espn anchor, hannah storm was rushing to get dinner on her table for the kids. >> we have a propane grill. i went outside to light it to cook the meat. went back inside. it was a windy night. the flames had been blown out that i ignited. so, i turned the gas off. i went to re-ignite. and there was an explosion. a wall of fire, like something you see in a movie. it came right at me. an explosion so powerful and fierce. it literally blew the doors of the grill off. i looked down and i saw i was on fire. and that's -- you know, that's a terrible feeling. so, i yelled inside to my daughter, mommy is on fire.
7:44 am
call 911. >> reporter: her daughter, rushed to her side. >> nothing phases her. to have a calm person like that, in that kind of situation, is unbelievable. my other daughter, who was home, was so terrified. she couldn't even look at me. she was huddled with our dog in another room. >> reporter: and the unknown. wondering what she would see when she could see herself again. >> what i saw in the mirror was scary. i looked completely disfigured. lost a lot of my -- good bless the nurse who cut off my hair off. this is all fake. i had my kids changing my bandages. come on. leaving little sticky notes. this is when you take this pill, mommy. my middle daughter, you know, washing my hair for me. >> released from the hospital, she spent weeks recovering at home. and after hours in the makeup
7:45 am
chair, with hair extensions and a bandaged left hand, she made a brave return to tv sooner than we could have imagined. >> my friends really came through. i don't know if i could have done this day with anyone other than you. thank you. >> reporter: the feeling is mutual. it has never, ever been better to see you. happy new year. >> happy new year, josh. >> dear, dear friend of mine. i worked with her for years. we co-anchored "sportscenter" together in the mornings. she told me, though, this is important to note. what happened is the propane in the tank, it's heavier than air. especially in the winter. it doesn't just blow away in the winds. she thought she had stepped away, everything had blown out. when she went to light it again, the propane had lingered. theres a lot of warning signs on grills now. wait at least 15 minutes, if the same thing happens before you re-ignite. it's important for people to understand that so what happened to hannah doesn't happen to them. everybody would have done that.
7:46 am
>> you have to be really careful. >> it was wonderful to see her. >> she looks great. >> she looks great. she is great. and happy new year. >> okay. we're going to be switching gears afterwards. coming up, without psy and his "gangnam style" we're looking for another global icon. and we think we may have gotten him. freeze it. ever. nurses are dealing with a wider range of issues. and there are ever-changing regulations. when you see these challenges, do you want to back away or take charge? with a degree in the field of healthcare or nursing from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at the blissful pause just before that rich sweetness
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right then, here's "the play of the day." >> all right. here we go. psy, thanks, buddy. thanks for coming. it's gone now. apparently, we're looking for somebody to be the next blockbuster internet sensation. i think we found it. a fishmonger singing while he works. mackerel for one british pound. now, it's been remade. take a listen to what it sounds like now. ♪ ♪ one more fish very, very good ♪ ♪ one more fish >> i love him. we need him. we need him right here. ♪ very, very good one more fish ♪ >> the fishmonger. ♪ come on, ladies >> one more fish. 11 million times later, she's been signed by warner brothers.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
good morning. imsome parts of the bay area waking up to freezing cold temperatures this morning. frost covering parked cars and truck in marin and sonoma counties. mike nicco joining us with who is the coldest right now, mike? petaluma at 22. the coldest i could find. 20s in the north bay where the freeze warning is until the. frost warning for the rest of us. a spare the air day today and possibly tomorrow. sue? >> the water main break in hayward now capped with no delays there. new problem east 580 at 680 a
7:56 am
multicar accident sen iter to divide in the median and a new problem 880 at 5th blocking the left lane. slow towards oakland as well. >> thanks so much. the news continues right now
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ a cast of dozens. it's not only happening outside. it's happening right here inside of times square this morning. tracy anderson. she is a trainer to the stars. she is helping everyone jumpstart your january. big ideas on how to live better, be better, be healthier, in 2013. >> come on, george, get out there and join them. >> i'm just watching the view. >> we'll enjoy the view here, these lovely ladies. robin, hey. we know you're recovering. sam on his honeymoon. great to have everyone back here.
8:00 am
ginger zee in for him this morning. elizabeth by my side. what a morning. >> what a morning, indeed. we're going to meet some people that lost 1,000 pounds altogether. we're going to hear stories from women who lost half their size. their secrets to dropping the pounds revealed. there's a healthy way to do it. and a healthy way to keep it off. this is really life-changing stuff. >> it's all about jumpstarting your january. who are these very fit men here with us? gentlemen, come on in. there he is. >> happy new year. >> welcome. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. i get to deliver the fit tip of the day. >> fit tip of the day. >> 2013, anybody who wants to be losing weight, i have a tip for you -- eat breakfast. it's as simple as that. i know how it is. you're panicked here. you got to take the kids to school.
8:01 am
before you know it, you're off to work. you have to make it easy and convenient. so, i brought this for you. this is my shake, called the power perfect shake. >> what are we drinking here? >> it's a perfect blend of proteins and carbohydrates. it's going to keep you full for much longer. and it's convenient. isn't that great? it's fantastic. >> i drink a smoothie every morning. it doesn't taste this good. ing >> keep in mind. you don't necessarily have to make a shake. you can do it with cottage cheese and oatmeal. greek yogurt and blueberries. we need fast and convenient. >> he's going to help us all month long, chris powell. you know who else is jumpstarting her january. kim kardashian. big news, everybody. kanye west and kim, yes, it's true. baby on the way. and kim, speaking out now for the first time about how she feels about becoming a mom. >> that's coming up.
8:02 am
first, other news from josh. >> equally dramatic, one might argue. we're going to begin with stocks rallying, by more than 200 points in early trading after that late-night deal in washington to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. despite opposition from the republicans, they agreed a deal. it prevents the income tax from going up. it extends unemployment benefits to 2 million people and delays spending cuts for two months. however, one thing that did not get done, the house adjourned last night, without approving a $60 billion aid package for the victims of hurricane sandy. and secretary of state hillary clinton is entering her fourth day in a new york hospital, where she's being treated for a blood clot here -- near her brain. doctors are using blood thinners to dissolve the clot. and a they say they're confident that she'll make a full recovery. no word on when she'll be able
8:03 am
to resume her usually hectic work schedule. an open house is being held today for the families of sandy hook elementary school, one day before students will return to class. a middle school in nearby monroe, connecticut, has been renovated, really re-created to look just like their old classrooms before last month's shooting, right down to the crayons in the desks. and a sandy hook sign will hang over the entrance. good luck to all. . >> jeannine: is calling for new laws to protect celebrities and paparazzi. the photographer was struck and killed by another car while crossing a busy los angeles street. bieber said that he hopes the tragedy will inspire change to prevent more tragedies in the future. and some new questions this morning about claims being made by makers of those popular energy drinks. "the new york times" reports that the only ingredient in the drinks that's proven to give you a mental or physical boost is caffeine.
8:04 am
and one researcher says that you can get the same benefit from a cup of joe. americans now spend some $10 billion a year on energy drinks. and finally, well, this guy here doesn't need an energy drink or coffee to stay alert. take a look -- a sports photog at a soccer game in the middle east. that ball is coming right at him. without taking his hands off the camera, keeps the ball in play. >> no way. >> yes. >> give him a contract. >> they did. >> no way. >> no way. >> no way, they didn't. >> that's great balance. >> some foot/eye -- great volley. thank you, george. we go over to "pop news." >> yes, indeed. good morning, everyone. maybe there's something in the name. jay-z and great gatsby. jay-z will write the music for the theater adaptation. we hear by playing jay's tunes
8:05 am
on the set, as they shot their scenes. and the trailer features jay-z and kanye west song, "no church in the wild." also, the rocking version of the f. scott fitzgerald classic, opens in may. leo dicaprio starring in that one. >> jay-z spent new year's wowing crowds at barclays. beyonce, not by jay-z's side. she was busy performing for a private audience in las vegas. let's see her. she looked good. sharing some photos from the night on her website. sporting some very hot -- ooh. what is that? >> a bustier? >> there you go. i saw it from a different angle. and leather pants. and beyonce's highly-anticipated performance at the super bowl is coming up next month in february. sure to be bootylicious. we cannot wait for that. and so many people heading to the theater to see "les mis." and for some, the blockbuster is living up to its name.
8:06 am
take a look at this video, after a family trip to see "les mis" two brothers posted this of their parents unable to keep it together, which makes the brothers lose it in laughter. listen. >> oh, my gosh. oh. i can't talk about it. >> it's -- >> it is an incredibly moving film. and the box office, nothing to cry about. "les mis" has earned $115 million worldwide since its release. if you haven't seen it yet, i highly recommend it. >> i cried. i did. i teared up. not as much as that. >> yeah. please, can we get that video? >> you have to see the whole video. it's really funny. and now, we have our pop quiz. we asked, which "dancing with the stars" judge got married over the weekend in a surprise
8:07 am
ceremony? don't say it. we got the answer. >> i know not to say it. >> good girl. we have the answer coming up. now, we're going to get the weather from ginger zee. >> whoa, hey. i was thrown off because we've got breaking news. this young lady's parents and family don't know that -- what's happening? >> we're getting married. >> oh, my goodness. when? >> four days from now. >> congratulations. see? on this cold morning, it's 23 degrees out here. and the windchill, slightly less. but, hey, we can handle it. and a warm crowd. let's start it off with the southwest because we have new news there. as the santa anas really get going, you have a high-pressure system. and that will create windy conditions, especially north of l.a. they have 57-mile-per-hour gusts. that's so far. high temperatures, 63 in san diego. talking about a cold end to this week, as we start this new year. new york city only going to get to 38 by friday. that's closer to average. today, high's only 30. a fly across the nation, brings you 67 for l.a.'s high. tacoma, 39.
8:08 am
and looking for showers there along the gulf. >> in case rob gin watching this morning, we have some folks from biloxi, mississippi. they want to say good morning, robin. now, back in to lara. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." kim kardashian opening up about her pregnancy for the first time. plus, jumpstart your january. we have three women's amazing
8:09 am
story. they dropped half their sizes. wait until you see them now. sure to insure. and kate's baby fashion. the trendiest maternity looks for that royal baby bump, all coming up live, on "good morning america," live in times square. for months, i had this deep pain all over my body. it just wouldn't go away. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. and for some people, it can work in as early as the first week of treatment. so now i can plan my days and accomplish more. lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
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8:13 am
[ cheers and applause ] 14 welcome back. now, the answer to our pop quiz. we asked, which "dancing with the stars" judge got hitched over the weekend in a surprise ceremony. and it was, len goodman. congratulations. his long-term girlfriend and len tied the knot on sunday. only len's mother knew it was a wedding. other guests didn't have a clue until the person officiating showed up. >> thank you, lara. >> thank you very much. also, congratulations, to kim kardashian and kanye west. they announced over the weekend they are having their first child. now, kim is revealing details about the pregnancy and how she's getting ready to be a mom. paula faris has the story. >> reporter: one of hollywood's hottest couples, kim kardashian and kanye west, rang in 2013, vegas style. proudly showing off her baby
8:14 am
bump, she spoke to "entertainment tonight" about her pregnancy. >> are you having morning sickness? cravings? >> i haven't yet. i wouldn't say it's been easy. you know, it's been -- no morning sickness. >> reporter: but she did admit to adjusting her life has been hard. >> they made it look so easy. and it's not as easy as people think. it is -- you know, a little painful. there's a lot of growing pains. >> this was a softer, warmer, really engaging kim kardashian. >> reporter: the proud father-to-be, kanye west, first announced the big news sunday night to 5,000 fans at his concert in atlantic city. >> make some noise. >> reporter: family and friends have been tweeting their congratulations to the couple. sister kourtney wrote, been
8:15 am
wanting to shout it from the rooftops. and now i can. and demi lovato said, i'm excited to baby sit. not everyone in the kardashian clan is so approving. little brother, rob kardashian, reportedly said, i'm so proud of my sisters. but i'll be married before i have a baby. the 35-year-old rapper and 32-year-old bombshell went public with their relationship in march. however, kardashian is still legally wed to her second husband, nba player, chrkris humphries. they union went down in flames after their made-for-tv wedding spectacular in august of 2011. but for the soon-to-be mommy, 2013 will be about her new future and new baby. >> it's about being healthy and being happy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> and kim doesn't know if it's a bay or a girl. but she told "us weekly" she
8:16 am
wants to find out. lara? >> thank you very much, george. we're excited up here. as we begin our jumpstart to january. all month long, we're going to help rev up everything in your life, from health, from money, to your love life. it's all about changing things in 2013. we kick off this week with fitness and weight loss. every year, "people" magazine dedicates an issue to half my size. and senior editor, michelle pan and the author of "choose to lose," chris powell, are here to talk about it. with three woman that have done just that. lost half their size. wait until you meet them, everybody. michelle, 11 years now. what's the common thread in all of your half their size stories?
8:17 am
>> when we do half their size, people need to take their time with it. the weight did not come on overnight. the weight will not fall off overnight. you have to set the small, attainable goals, to reach the big goals. >> chris, you've seen this over and over again. you've had great success with your clients. what advice do you give people? >> just as michelle just said, small, attainable goals. it's taking that first step. and shrinking down the goals so it's so reachable. you can grab it each and every day. the process, it's not perfect. we fall. but we can fall without failing, as long as the goals are small enough. >> you know what? it always helps to have a little inspiration. and the three women you're about to meet have very different stories. but they achieved their goals, drastically reducing their weight and improving their health. we'll show you how you can do it, too. take a look, everybody. >> i put my health on the back burner. and i think it caught up to me.
8:18 am
>> reporter: at 25 years old and 288 pounds, ashley donahue was depressed. >> i was unhappy with my job. i was unhappy with the way my life was going. i had a hard time enjoying the little things my kids wanted to do. my health was failing. my doctor told me, he didn't think i would make it to 30 if i kept on. it kept getting worse and worse. >> reporter: it was her faithful husband that got her back on the path to health. >> i think his heart was breaking physician me. and he saw how unhappy i was. he came to me and said, we're going to go for a walk. on that walk, she started thinking about her own heart. >> the realization hit me that i made the choice to get where i am right now. so, i'm going to make a different choice. >> i don't feeling or being that big. >> reporter: caroline's struggles began early. at 8 years old, she was already 120 pounds. and the medical weight loss program she was put on didn't help.
8:19 am
>> i found a way to get a food hustler. and get whatever food i wanted. i was hungry. my peers, they taunted and teased me. i didn't go to my prom. i never had dates. wasn't able to do something things like ride a rollercoaster because the safety bar wouldn't go over my stomach. >> reporter: she remained heavy until college. at her heaviest, 303 pounds, when she started feeling self-conscious. >> i started feeling like all of these difficult self-choices were a huge pause button for myself. and i said, i'm tired of this. i want to have a normal life. >> reporter: 33-year-old lea found herself at 251 pounds, after two pregnancies. >> i tended to be an emotional eater. i wanted the food. it made me feel good. and so, i ate it. >> reporter: it was her children that helped her turn it around. >> thinking about going out to the park with my kids felt like work to me. and at some point, i realized, that's ridiculous. not only am i cheating myself.
8:20 am
but i'm cheating my kids of me. i walked into a jenny craig center. and i haven't looked back ever since that day. i was, like, lea's getting her groove back. >> so, are we ready to meet these amazing women and see their transformations? chris, will you do the honors? >> drumroll, please. drumroll, please. going from 251 pounds, all the way down to 125 pounds, from atlanta, georgia, here's lea hernandez. [ cheers and applause ] >> amazing. >> once again, can i have a drumroll. going from 288 pounds, all the way down to a svelte 151 pounds.
8:21 am
from pace, florida, please welcome ashley donahue. [ cheers and applause ] and finally, dropping from 303 pounds, all the way down to 149 pounds, from washington, d.c., give it up for caroline. [ cheers and applause ] >> come on down. unbelievable. congratulations. >> thank you. >> we want to talk to all three of you. i want to start with lea. your story inspired us so much here. and what people may not realize is just after you began your journey to a healthy body, you suffered a great tragedy. >> that's right. it was actually close to when i was reaching my goal, actually. and i got the news one morning
8:22 am
that my husband was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident coming home from work. just the day before, we had completed our first 5k together, which was very significant moment in my life, which actually i look back to draw strength from to continue on living a healthy lifestyle. >> yeah. he would want you to, right? >> that's right. he lived passionately. and i continue to honor his legacy. and to help my kids. >> and life today, in your new body? >> life today is amazing. like, it renders me speechless, honestly. i have energy. i have vitality of life. i take things hon without fear now. yeah. >> congratulations. what a story. [ cheers and applause ] >> i can't believe, all three of you look so amazing. and you're a typical working mom, like so many of us. taking great care of your kids.
8:23 am
but not so much care of yourself. what were your bad habits? >> i love chinese food. >> so do we all. >> we would go and order food. and we would put the kids to bed. and go to the gas station to get snacks and desserts. large fry, large soda. >> even when you were making your kids eat healthy food? >> oh, yeah. very strict with my kids nutrition all the time. it was a comfort thing. it's what i had control over. >> did you change everything wholesale the way you wanted to eat? >> i still indulge. it's not about deprivation. it's about moderation. but i don't have it all the time. and i make things different. i have a turkey burger and half-fat cheese. just changes. and it's a lifestyle. it's not just depp vading.
8:24 am
>> i know cheating can hamper getting started. you had bad moments, as well. >> i spent 20 years of my life being obese. i was the fat kid, the mack truck kid. i went through the teasing about that. i released a book on, titled "half my size." and i talk about the teasing and how you use the negative or bad situations in your life. to move forward and be better. when i'm on the treadmill, i'm thinking about the bad situations. but it makes me push harder and go stronger. >> for all of you teasing her, take that. okay? and for all the ladies, quickly, but caroline, keeping it off. you did this several years ago. >> i did. >> keeping it off. that's the big deal here, too. >> today is actually my birthday. >> happy birthday. >> it celebrates ten years that i lost the weight and kept it off. >> ten years? >> ten years. >> it's an honor to be on this stage with you.
8:25 am
>> thank you. >> amazing. thank you so much to michelle, "people" magazine "half their size" issue out today. incredible stories. you've done it for 11 years. and you love this issue. >> i love this issue. it provides inspiration for everybody to jumpstart their new year's resolutions. >> we have about 20 seconds. do you have a move of the day for us, chris? >> you better believe it. now, that the ladies took the first step. it's your turn. it's called a slap jack. get up off the seat. touch the ground. bring your hands over top of your head. 5, 10, 15. keep going throughout the commercial break. keep it going. keep it going.
8:26 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. this morning in hayward a water main break flooded the intersection of jackson and santa clara streets since just before 4:00 this morning. the traffic problem over but crews have shut off the water so that means water to nearby homes and businesses are out until repairs can be made. we will have an update on the mid day news at 11:00. sue has more details for us. >> the intersection between jackson street and santa clara clear. a problem 580 at 680. northbound 880 at fist clear but slow traffic approaching the scene there.
8:27 am
fruitville cleared for are some time but it is
8:28 am
welcome back. a look a the golden gate bridge. nice and sunny but still deceptively cold out there and poor air quality. the possibility of it being in the santa clara valley and the north bay. all of us under spare the air today and possibly tomorrow. another half hour keep the pets and plants protected in the freezing temperatures.
8:29 am
20s in santa rosa and sub freezing in los gatos and s [ cheers and applause ] they're dancing outside in times square. it is freezing out there. they're heating up. >> they're moving. >> we're going to chit-chat through the dance. inside, tracy anderson's right there. she is the trainer to the stars. she has trained with gwyneth paltrow. she's done it for j. lo. now, she's going to tell you how to jumpstart your january and get the best body, ever. and "extreme makeover: weight loss edition's" chris powell is here doing the slap jacks. do this move. >> that's the best way to start jumpstarting your january right away. >> do them in the dresses. >> we were doing a modified
8:30 am
version. >> why it is so great, chris? >> it's a great total body movement. it gets everything moving, especially the butt and thighs. for most of us, that's our trouble spot. to the break. >> you do that. we're going to keep talking about the stories that people are talking about. kate middleton take pride in what she wears. that's during her pregnancy. we're wondering about her maternity fashion. how will she do it? and what trends will they spark? >> i think every trend will be sparked. a morning wouldn't be complete without grown men vr versus gators. one-on-one with the nine-foot beasts. right, now, we get a final check of the weather. ginger zee in for sam. >> this is the best crowd this morning. these folks are from --
8:31 am
>> austin, texas. >> and these two are not warm, either. >> hi, mom. >> they want to say good morning and get their shakes out. it is cold. i can't believe the dancers are out here. thank you for everyone braving this. and speaking of snow, let's talk about who's going to be cold and snowed the next couple of days. marquette, they're picking up a little more. and watertown, new york, buffalo, all in it. let's slide across the nation to give you an idea of what you can expect today. if you're in ft. collins, right around freezing. most of the nation experiencing some of the coldest air of >> i'm telling you. i swear, this crowd, all brought
8:32 am
to you from texas. the weather report brought to you by aig. where are you from in texas? >> odessa. >> we're trying to stay warm out here, for sure. let's head back in to elizabeth. >> ginger, thank you so much. now, to the royal baby watch. all eyes are on kate middleton as the baby bump grows. the big question, of course, is what will she be wearing? we have four style iicise iie i turnty looks to show you. just as pressing a question, is the question on all fashionistas' minds. what will she wear? >> she is going to look fabulous when she is pregnant. it will be chic, stylish. >> reporter: kate is a fashion icon.
8:33 am
prompting whatever she wears to fly off store shelves. her favorite, items that show off her figure. like the blew issa dress. and the alexander mcqueen wedding gown she donned in 2011. she's well on her way. burton designed the wool evening gown kate wore to her december event. her first official engagement since announcing her pregnancy. while kate is going to stay away from the flouncy fashions princess diana made famous, mras insiders say, don't expect her to be too edgy. >> you can expect it to be conservative. nothing too over the top. joining us now with four stylish looks we could see on kate, is rosie pope, founder of rosie pope maternity. good to have you here. we were talking here, when i was pregnant, i couldn't find clothes for working women.
8:34 am
there were big sweaters and leggings. but that was about it. >> i think kate is going to change that. she is a working mom. and she has to look professional and not wear all of the baggy sweaters and leggings. >> this isn't just about what is kate wearing when she is pregnant? this is a huge business. she sells clothing. >> this is amazing. it's going to transform the face of maternity fashion. nonpregnant women are going to turn to maternity fashion. >> let's get to the looks you expect to see? >> kate is going to have working engagements. she's going to have ribbon-cutting. and this is an example of how kate will stay tailored. this is a dress, in a very regal fabric. it's maternity and structured. she wears form-fitting clothes without being too sexy or revealing. it has a high neckline. when she leans down to shake people's hands, she, of course,
8:35 am
stays elegant and professional. >> and it's not a tent dress. and it looks lovely on her. >> she's going to wear a leather jacket, which she does. and jackets are a great piece if pregnant women want to splurge. you can wear them after the baby. >> during your pregnancy, with the raging hormones, sometimes you need to take the jacket on and off. it's a good way to think smartly about the changing body temperature. >> i think a lot of us think about the outfit. and the jacket takes the outfit down a level. you can feel great when you have it on. >> and fitted? >> she always is fitted. we have to be careful because of how the bump grows. i suggest one button at the top. >> the next look, this is another jacket. >> i saul this the sloan ranger work. sloan rangers are ladies in the upper class in england, that wear the boots, the hunter
8:36 am
boots, tight leggings. and hang out in the square and look to marry the eligible bachelors like prince harry. this is a sloan ranger look. a great hacking jacket. a maternity belly legging. and the boots. >> it's great. >> and it doesn't have to be a maternity jacket. and jackets are more expensive. they're more of an investment piece. >> next, we have prints i was surprised by. you have lace and plaid. >> we all remember the dress that kate wore at the premiere. this is the maternity version of that dress. it's lace and stretchy. >> it's pretty. >> and the nude pumps. >> her in the nude pumps. i'm surprised you thought plaid would be a trend. >> kate was at st. andrews.
8:37 am
plaid will be a part of her past. you will see the plaid, when she's being very casual. and it's great for optical illusion. i think kate will try to hide the bump for as long as possible. and plaid, with this lovely model here, who is very pregnant, makes the bump harder to see. and i say go with the tailored. we're not talking log cabin here. very tailored and pretty and british. >> it's important to note that this is made for pregnant women. they're longer and stretchier and more fitted. >> and more airier around here, is why the buttons are so great. >> and we have our models. >> and they're using a special sweater to commemorate the baby being born this year. >> you look great and glowing this morning. thank you for modeling. coming up, trainer to the
8:38 am
stars, tracy anderson is here to jumpstart your january with secrets in fitness you don't want to miss out on.
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8:41 am
[ cheers and applause ] come on, josh. let's do it. we're jumpstarting our january here on "gma." doing things all month long. we're here with, there she is, superstar trainer, tracy anderson. this crowd is so excited, in case you didn't know it. tracy has transformed some amazing bodies. superstars like jennifer lopez, on the cover of "red book" magazine this month with gwyneth paltrow. on "redbook" sharing her secrets, right here and in
8:42 am
"redbook" for getting that a-list body. >> excited to be here. happy new year. >> dancing, we've been watching out morning long. tre teens love to do it. gwyneth wasn't a natural dancer opinion but it helped change her body. >> we spent the last week together, rocking it out. she's quite the dancer now. she stuck with it. and now, she is a dancer. >> why is dancing so good? >> it's good because it works all of the muscles in your body. it requires your brain to be participating in your workout. and it's movement in a balanced way. if you're running, you're always charging up the same muscles. when you have to learn to dance, you use everything. and you're having fun. you get into it. when you learn to perform, when she got the dancing down and she got to perform it, her results became even better. >> it seems like it's makes it an easier sell. interestingly, the cdc says more
8:43 am
than one-third of all children and teens are overweight or obese. i know this is something that you address in your video. it really does help, you know, selling it to the younger people to get going. >> it's a big deal. but you know, it's the fun factor of the dance. but yet, just dancing and just stopping and going is not focused workingout. just like how we brush our teeth. we can't take them to the hair salon or get their nails down. we have to empower them with the tools to have a sustained fit and healthy life. that's what team metamorphosis is all about. the moms and the kids can dance, too, now. it's about the whole family leading a healthy, happy lifestyle. >> completely. >> another trick is switching it up. something that jennifer lopez learned from you. >> absolutely. you can't just switch it up without focus. you wouldn't build a house without plans. you need to turn to your experts
8:44 am
and take a program that has the body results that you want. and with my program you have to change your workout every ten days. but there's the same end goal result. i'm going to make sure that jennifer looks fantastic. she switches it up every ten days. and she's done it on her amazing world tour. >> you used the word goal. really important, pick a goal. >> you are how you move. and you are how you eat. we should be eating clean and eating things that are organic. hormone-free. you can eat whatever you want, as long as you're making these choices. your muscles will be designed how you move them or don't move them. it's important to pick the program that's going to give you the body that you want. my clients want to own their own beauty. >> and five to ten minutes, if you can commit to even that, if you're a work mom, if you work long hours, you can start small and still see results.
8:45 am
>> you can start small. but it's about being consistent. you can start small. if you can only make it through five minutes because that's the reality of how -- where you're at physically, you start with five minutes. the next day you do 10, the next 15. and hopefully you work up to 30 minutes to an hour 6 days a week. >> and you brought in the ta trampoline. >> i made sure the movements are dance oriented. people don't have is a lot of room to dance in their homes. it's really easy on your joints. you can dance on it, you know? >> go, go. >> woo, in the dress. >> much more from tracy coming up a bit later. also coming up, we're going to meet the gator boys, going
8:46 am
one-on-one with animals in the wild. as they go one-on-one, with these trampolines. [ cheers and applause ]
8:47 am
8:48 am
we're back with a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of "the gator boy." they trap gators from backyards, swimming pools. they get a big kick out of it. and took abc's matt gutman along for the ride. >> reporter: you're thinking to yourself, so what if it's a
8:49 am
230-pound gator? plus, i'm with professional alligator wrestlers. there's no way i'm going to squeal. luckily, i'm with the gator boys. this motley pair of gator whisperers, of sorts. >> ready? up. >> reporter: three, grown men carrying a nine-foot slap of rehistoric muscle, with teeth. "gator boys," men whose abiding love for gators is so strong, they're rescuing the beast with a bite that can crush a car, just to save his skin. for them, it's this or being shot. >> or turned into a suitcase or a handbag. nuisance gators have to be in captivity or be destroyed. >> reporter: here at the homestead alligator farm in the everglades. >> they're right there. >> they have to go over the rocks. >> reporter: the boys get closer to gators that seems sane.
8:50 am
in their second season, they track gators in the mississippi mud. they're distinguished by an apparent immunity to fear. and trademark quirks. the no shoes, for example? >> since i started wrestling alligators, i started with shoes on. and you didn't feel right. you didn't have the right footing. i started going barefooted. >> reporter: no props. no prods. that's real blood. you're the epitome of don't try this at home. >> exactly. >> reporter: how many years experience do you have in this this. >> well over 34 collectively. >> reporter: how many bites? >> i have seven. >> over probably 40. >> reporter: on this day, the gator boys have two gators to dispose of. the nine-foot monster and this little guy. what are we doing with this guy? >> we're going to bring him out. and because he's under four feet, we have to release him to the wild. >> reporter: this guy doesn't do
8:51 am
damage, right? >> if this guy bit you and kept spinning, it's going to pop a finger off. >> reporter: we drive off in an airboat to the heart of the everglades. and we release the little guy. how do you love these quote/unquote killers? >> we love them. but they won't think twice about biting you again. >> i don't like puffy things. like puppies. i like sharks, gators, snakes. >> reporter: we head back to the gator farm. >> you get in front of them. >> reporter: i'm not doing this. to safely trap a gator, one must tire it out first. but quickly, paul's gator tires me out. so, in the titanic battle of gator flunky versus 200 years of evolution, notch another victory for the gator. >> i hope you had fun. >> reporter: does it look like i had fun? for "good morning america," matt
8:52 am
gutman, abc news, the everglades. >> you can see more of matt's at ventures on "nightline" tonight. we'll be right back.
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8:55 am
look at these little girls jumpstarting their january. so much. thanks to tracy anderson, chris powell. great start tomorrow. more secrets you don't want to miss. >> also, the stars of "downton abbey" will be here tomorrow. don't want to miss that. >> thank you for watching.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. the contra costa water district holds a public hearing in concord tonight to talk about a rate increase a hike up to 3.5% could be approved right after the public comment period ends. would add up to $2.27 per month for a typical household water bill. no water coming from the sky january kind of warm and dry. cold but dry, mike. >> absolutely. the sunshine will feel warm later on. good morning, everybody. it is a spare the air today and most likely tomorrow even though the poorest air quality in the north bay and south bay all of us under that umbrella. >> mid 50s today. frost inland tonight. >> accident san mateo bridge. it hasn't really affected traffic here moving pretty much at the limit. >> system wide delays capital
8:59 am
corner and it's up to an hour. a an accident on the track between fremont and >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today's "glee's" matthew morrison. plus oorkeds, comedian, whitney cummings. and michael is hitting the streets to see who is sticking to their new year's resolution, all next on the emmy award-winning "live"! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [applause] michael: dancing. kelly: hot songs.


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